Thursday, 21 April 2016

Photos from Coverings.

Below are just four of our new product panels on display at Coverings 2016
Click on the product name below the photo to download the brochure.





For prices and order enquiries contact Brin at Coverings today.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show,
The Link International team, KREM tiles. Booth 4036.

 Booth 4036

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Coverings Begins!

Our team have had a very busy weekend, setting up the stand.
Coverings 2016 opened yesterday.

The team, all dressed up and ready for day one!

Earlier...building the stand.
The link below is to a video pan of the expo hall prior to the stands being set up.

taking in the sights.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show,
The Link International team, KREM tiles. Booth 4036.

 Booth 4036

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Coverings in Chicago Next Week!

Our team are all driving or flying in today to commence assembling our stand and getting ready for the official opening next Monday.

If you want to meet with a company that has a range second to none, and can offer you a packaged service of Itallian designed products made on the latest equipment out of China, then you MUST visit our stand at Coverings 2016.

No one else at Coverings will offer you the complete suite of Quality, Range, Price, and Service in the manner that we will with our KREM brand.

If you are serious about wanting an edge that will provide you profitable growth in your sales, we will set aside some time to get to know what you are after, and match your needs to what we offer, we are sure you will be delighted and pleased you popped by.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, The Link International team, KREM tiles.

 Booth 4036

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Coverings 2016 is coming up this month & we'll be there!

Coverings starts in Chicago on the 18th of this month and we'll be there! This year is its 27th edition, with hopes of reaching record attendance. Our tile samples have been delivered and our stand is ready for assembly! The first of our team has already departed on tour before the main event begins. Our exhibit is booth 4036. You belong here too!
Register to attend by clicking the image below, we'd love to meet you there.

 Booth 4036