Wednesday, 27 July 2016

International Collaboration in Tile-Buying is Coming to the USA 

And we want you on board!
If you are interested in importing well priced, well branded, top porcelain and gres porcelain tiles that are in stock and available as you require them (without the hassles of waiting months for the next production) then this could be the best blog you read all year.

Link International is based in Malaysia and South Africa but manufacturing and warehousing ceramic and tiles in China. With deep pockets and an international network, Link has established a supply-chain that offers you:-

1. Great prices - Given their extensive network, Link International are able to flex considerable muscle when buying, and passes these savings on to you.
2. Quality - controlled by trained inspectors from the raw material stage to manufacturing, packaging, and dispatch.
3. Range - Link provides a breadth of range and the ability to combine certain lines with others in containers, filling full containers becomes quick, cost effective, and easy.
4. Availability - Link International keeps most of their key lines in stock nearly all the time, meaning quick lead times from order to dispatch.
5. Ease - Given that you are doing business with English-speaking suppliers who think the way you do, Link International removes a lot of the traditional hassles in dealing with Chinese suppliers. And we will have our Area Manager living in California as your first port of call.
6. Exclusivity - Link International wants to develop long term profitable relationships by providing service, well priced product and offering you protection in your market so you can make profits on our product.

We are coming to California at the end of August. 

Have a look at just some of our range at then contact us here to arrange a visit from our team at the end of August.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Really hi-tech ceramic tile!

Just for a change a ceramic story a little off the mainstream of construction and renovation. Ceramic tiles are common enough in commercial and domestic environments but they are also used on spacecraft including NASA's new Orion spacecraft which is designed to carry a crew of up to seven astronauts on missions to orbit and eventually Mars. Ceramic tiles are used precisely because of their outstanding physical properties. While similar to those used on the space shuttle, Orion only requires about 1,300 tiles compared to more than 24,000 on the shuttle. The tiles are made of ceramic and silica glass fibre. The tiles, along with the spacecraft’s heat shield, will protect Orion from the 3300 degree Celsius heat of re-entry. The tiles are individually shaped and specially formulated to rapidly release heat. It is not fast work. In fact, workers spent 11 months shaping the insulating blocks and laying on a heat-resistant, ceramic coating. They use a 5-axis mill loaded with precise dimensions to cut blank tiles to their shapes. Many of the tiles will have special cutouts for instruments to collect data. 
The Orion spacecraft, launched aboard NASA’s Space Launch System rocket on its first test flight and re entry in December 2014 was a great success. It is only scheduled to fly humans in 2023.

At Kennedy Space Center in Florida, technicians bond thermal protection system tiles to Orion's backshell panels. Photo credit: NASA/Cory Huston

Enquiries for high performance porcelain tiles are welcome. Contact us here.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Vision Large Format Porcelain

This is Vision, another absolutely stunning new tile range designed and produced in Brazil. Vision is a premium inkjet porcelain. Tiles are large format rectangles measuring 51 x 103cm. All tiles are rectified and have a smooth satin finish. Vision has four different plain and four different deco faces. The deco can be used as room edging, in feature areas or as mix & match accents scattered among the plain tiles. The design is sophisticated and resembles an age-faded fresco painting of flowers and vegetation that might have graced an old conservatory. The plain tiles are colour matched and two have a very subtle irregular pattern that mirrors the deco design. Vision also lends itself to wall applications. Enquiries for Vision are welcome. Contact us here.